Why Every Doctor Needs A Website

In today’s interconnected world, having an online presence is essential for both your personal brand and your business. Growing your personal brand as a doctor is no exception if you want to stand out and capitalise on the growth of technology and interconnectivity.

As a doctor, your website is more than just an online calling card; it’s a powerful tool that can propel your career to new heights.

I’m not just talking about your practice website. Sure, if you have a private clinic or a business on Harley Street, having a website comes with the territory.

But what if you don’t?

… You still need a website for your personal brand.

You may for example still be in training, or just about to complete specialty training and thinking about branching into private healthcare. The earlier you start your own “brand” and website, the longer you’ll have to build up your online presence and develop a favourable brand.

If you start while in a 3-5 year training program, then by the time you complete it, you may already have hundreds of backlinks and rank favorably for your chosen organic keywords.

That’s a great jump start to your future career in private healthcare or whatever else you want to go into.

Recent research published in The Guardian found that 82% of recruiters Google applicants’ names; With a personal website as a doctor, you can control what the top results are going to be on the Google result pages.

Here are some of the advantages of having your own website as a doctor (note, this does not mean just having a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or even a Doctify page). There’s nothing wrong with that, especially having a Doctify profile with good reviews, however you NEVER want to become reliant on a single platform.

Having your own website and building up your own audience is the best way to build a future-proofed brand without relying on anyone else.

Here are some other benefits:

Increased Visibility and Credibility

Patients increasingly turn to the internet to find information about the healthcare providers they are going to see. Even if you work in an NHS post, you may still be Googled. It helps if you are in control of the narration

A well-designed website makes it easier for potential patients to discover your experience, your practice and also to increase your visibility and attract new clients.

An informative and polished website establishes credibility, showcasing your expertise and instilling trust in prospective patients.

So what about platforms like Doctify? Is that enough?

Well, platforms like DoctifyTop Doctors and other review websites for healthcare professionals can help get new clients and collate reviews. However, they should not be used as a substitute for your own personal website.

The platform cost aside (usually over £1,000 per year), if you are handing out business cards or referring patients to your profile on these websites, there is a risk that they may find someone else instead. Or what if someone who disagrees with your (correct) management, decides to leave a bad review simply because of that?

You will never fully control the algorithm or the information on these websites. Why put all your marketing and career efforts behind a page hosted on another website, rather than your own?

Improved Patient Communication and Engagement

A website facilitates seamless communication with your patients and also provides you with probably the best platform for sharing your own points of view, and research or advice on a subject you may be an expert in.

By providing educational resources such as blog articles and FAQs, you empower your patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare, and they will thank you for it.

But what’s wrong with just posting on LinkedIn?

Well, remember that any content you post on LinkedIn or other similar social/ creator platforms, becomes the property of that platform.

The only way to avoid that is by blogging or posting an article on your website first, which you can then link to from other platforms.

Showcase Services, Specialties, and Accomplishments

Your website serves as a platform to highlight your unique expertise, services, and specializations. This will help patients find the right doctor for their specific needs.

Sharing patient testimonials and success stories further bolsters your reputation and solidifies your personal brand or your practice’s position as a trusted provider. With your own website, you also have a better opportunity of building your authority in a certain area.

There may also be opportunities where a journalist is looking for an expert in a certain area, for example sleep, diet, or heart disease.

Having a website allows you to supply them with a link that they can link to, thus further helping with your medical SEO efforts.

Say you are an expert in longevity and anti aging and you turn your “blog” into a website such as this one. You could then use this knowledge to write some authoritative articles on the latest science-backed advice, and instruct your readers (and future patients) on what works and what doesn’t!

The need for a website also extends outside the purely healthcare sector. Even as a veterinarian for example and you decide to open your own practice, or even launch a dog supplement brand such as these amazing probiotics for dogs by Fetched, a website is indispensable.

Stay Competitive in the Digital Age

Last but not least, having a website as a healthcare professional ensures that you maintain a competitive edge among your peers. They may already have their own websites and are working on growing their audience.

By optimizing online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) and employing digital marketing strategies, you can expand your reach and grow your patient base.

In summary, a professional website is an invaluable asset for doctors, offering increased visibility, credibility, enhanced patient communication, and a competitive edge.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock your practice’s full potential.

Get in touch with us at hello [at] noblemedical.co.uk or find us on LinkedIn if you are ready to take your personal brand or private practice to the next level, and to discuss the various options.

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